Pictured Above: (Left) John Seely gives his acceptance speech at the 6th Annual Inclusion Awards presented by the PEAL Center. (Right) Inclusion Champions pictured left to right Nicole Turman, Rita Cheskiewicz, R. Todd McMillen, Dr. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe, Ph.D., Julius Boatwright, Juanita & John Seely

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Our Mission

Empowering people to live connected lives by helping them discover their purpose & talents and through social experiences.

Empowering people by:

  • Helping people through discovery, find their passion and purpose.
  • Teaching people various job skills and pre-employment training.
  • Assisting to create a one page profile, resume, social media presence, and interview skills
  • Coaching people to find and secure customized meaningful employment
  • Educating people on acceptable social skills
  • Providing social opportunities to grow and build relationships.
  • Working with people to develop a business idea or plan of their own.
  • Promoting post secondary options to students.
  • Enlighten family members regarding their options through Person Centered Thinking, creating more freedoms through life with choices.
  • Supporting people in overcoming obstacles to competitive employment.

Impacting our Communities (changing our culture) through:

  • Building a more inclusive community for all citizens
  • Creating cost-effective solutions to address business’s needs.
  • Providing loyal, productive employees, while reducing recruitment & training cost, associated with constantly filling high turnover positions.
  • Increased tax incentives for businesses, fostering a culture of corporate responsibility.
  • Reducing people’s dependence on government resources.
  • On going support & training for employees from ELF employment consultants.
  • Increase tax base for our community and lessen dependency on others.
  • Promotes a more diverse & inclusive workplace, enhances employee morale.
  • Training Employees on benefits and compliance issues related to disability employment.